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Sankwia is a village located in the Lower River Division, Jarra West in the Gambia and has a population of approximately 2500 inhabitants. The village is dependant on agriculture.

Rice is the staple diet,   the women work in the rice fields; the production of rice is used to feed the families and not as a cash crop.

The village men predominately grow ground nuts, and this is the cash crop. The nuts are sold to the Gambian Government, who fixes the price.  

Education has to be paid for, by parents and as a result males have traditionally been given priority, especially in the poorest families. Literacy levels among females over the age of 25 are poor. Children attending school are taught English, but the main language used in the every day life of the village is Mandinka. Why not learn a few words of Mandinka

Water has to be collected from stand pipes, located in the village, and is only available for an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening. During the hours of darkness, the villagers depend on candles and lamps as their main source of lighting. Children often have to do their homework in moonlight.

Sanitation cooking and washing facilities are very basic.

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The most popular musical instrument in the Gambia is the Kora. Click here for a sample of Kora music.

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