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Skills Centre

Solar panels being fiited on the roof of the Skills Centre

 An empty building previously used by donkeys and livestock has been completely refurbished by the charity and solar panels have been fitted to provide an electricity supply. 

The building, now known as the Skills Centre, is used for Adult Literacy Classes, a Sewing Co-operative and for the schoolchildren to do their school work in the evenings.   

The furniture in the Skills centre was manufactured by a carpenter in the village, using materials paid for by the charity. Sewing machines for the co-operative and educational materials for the literacy classes were provided by the charity. 

Adult Literacy Classes.

Literacy Classes

Prior to our involvement 70% of the village women were illiterate. At their request   an Adult Literacy Class was organised.  The classes have proved a huge success and literacy rates have improved with 60 women becoming literate within 12 months of the setting up of the classes. 

The classes are ongoing. 

Sewing etc Co-operative

Uniforms manufactured by the co-operative

Our educational sponsorship scheme involves payment not only for the children’s education, but also provides each child with two school uniforms and a pair of shoes. Rather than provide money to buy uniforms the charity has set up a sewing co-operative, this involves the women from the village manufacturing the uniforms, using sewing machines provided by Cyfeillion Sankwia Friends. Those uniforms are bought by the charity and given to the children. In this way we achieve a number of goals, women are taught how to sew using treadle machines, the money remains in the local community and the women have a small wage to supplement the family income. The co-operative has developed and clothing is now manufactured for sale in the local markets and a tie and dye “business gas also been set up. The co-operative is managed by an elected committee.


The co-operative has control of the ambulance provided and deal with the maintenance and repairs to that vehicle.

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