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Enclosure Wall and Garden

growing 10 different types of fruit and vegetables.

All the main business of the village – meetings, celebrations, etc. takes place in one main area. This area has now been developed into a compound by the erection of an enclosure wall.

This compound  houses the skills centre and newly constructed workshops (2010) with its First Aid Room (2010) and the co-operative garden.


Making Bricks


The materials (cement, aggregate etc.)  for the building of the enclosure wall and the workshops were provided by the charity. The labour was provided on a purely voluntary basis by the villagers. A true example of a working partnership.



The villagers have retained traditional skills, they manufacture their own bricks which are used in building huts and maintaining all the buildings in the village.


When representatives of the charity visited the village for the first time, they became aware of nutrition problems, arising from a poor diet. There was an obvious lack of vitamins in the diet and anemia was prevalent. The building of the enclosure wall has allowed the co-operative to develop a garden, where fruit and vegetables are grown. A water connection has greatly assisted this development, as has the provision of, something so simple, as a hose pipe.

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