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Educational Assistance to Schools


Presenting educational materials Pakalinding School

A number of our supporters raised money with the specific aim that educational materials be provided to the 3 schools serving SANKWIA village. In January 2010 and January 2011  materials were distributed to Kani Kunda Primary School, Pakalinding Junior High School and Tahir Senior Secondary School. Our vice chairman (apolopgies for the shirt) presented some of these materials to the headmaster of Pakalinding School (January 2010) as shown on the photograph.

Our friendly vendor

 The items concerned had been bought in one of the urban centres in the Gambia. There was much haggling, and eventually a bargain price was agreed. The price was agreed on the promise that the vendor’s picture be displayed on our web page.

Here he is. His name Mahendra Chandani. Mahendra was again very kind with his discounts for the items purchased in January 2011

Following consultation with the schools they have provided us with a “wish list” of equipment. In particular highlighted has been the lack of scientific equipment – the children rely on their books, but are unable to carry out even basic experiments as there is no appropriate equipment.

Some equipment has been donated  to the schools, with  instruction given to  teachers as to the use of the equipment, so that some practical experiments can be undertaken.

Above are 3 photographs, (1)  a science teacher at Tahir Senior Secondary School showing his delight on receiving a copy of the periodic table. (2) DR A.J. Roberts with the headmaster of Tahir school after he had presented the school with some scientific equipment (3) Matreials being presented. This photograph shows our representative in Sankwia, Buka Fofana, on the right. Without Buka’s assistance much of the work of the charity would not have been possible.

The village children are mad about football, despite our attempts to convert them to Rugby Union. Below is a photograph of the under 17 team wearing kit donated by Liverpool F.C. We are very grateful to the club for their generosity and needless to say Liverpool is now the villagers’ favourite team.

Sankwia Under 17 Football Team

We are also extremely grateful to Clwn Pel Droed Gaerwen who have donated two sets of kit, one in 2010 and one in 2011. Shown below is the village under 15 team. (Can you spot our Chairman doing a very poor impersonation of a young Alex Ferguson)

Under 15’s in their New Strip

…We hope to provide further equipment in the near future.

Under 10 team. Kit donated by Property People

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