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Borehole and Solar Pump

Clean and drinkable water

Until January 2010 the Clinic serving the village had a limited supply of clean water. Provision was available for only 2 hours a day, an hour in the morning and a further hour in the evening. As a result water to be used for cleaning wounds, bathing patients, including newly born children, had to be stored in open buckets.In January 2010 the Charity funded the drilling of a borehole. The water is pumped using a solar powered pump. Gambia has little natural resources, what they have is an abundance of sunshine. As a result the pumping of the water is not a drain on the meagre financial resources of the clinic.

 The borehole was drilled to a depth of 74 metres – the clinic now has available 18,000 litres of clean and drinkable water each and every day – a dedicated continuous supply of clean water.

The borehole was capped and water is now pumped up to storage tanks   and then  via underground pipes  direct to the clinic.

 We are committed, where possible, to using clean and environmentally friendly natural resources

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